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Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris
About the show with the same name. With lyrics, photos and music extracts.
Language: English.
Jacques Brel. Les paroles.
The title says everything.
Brel at the Belgian Pop & Rock Archives
Grand Jacques
A little contribution about Brel
Language: English - German.
Jacques Brel, Le Magnifique - Textes
The lyrics.
Jacques Brel
An introductive biography - discography - all sorts of information and photo's
Language: German.
Jacques Brel
A short biography
Language: French.
L'homme de la Mancha
About the musical L'homme de la Mancha: an introduction - credits - lyrics - photo's.
Language: English.
L'Homme de la Mancha
About the musical L'homme de la Mancha: a couple of songs about the musical.
Language: English.
Hommage Brel
About a homage for  Brel with Johan Anthierens and  Gert Torck (this was on Saturday 1/30/ 1999).
Language: Dutch
Jacques Brel in REAL AUDIO
Two never distributed songs ('Men vergeet niets' and 'De Apen') and a review about the book Brel of Mohamed el-Fers´.
Language: Dutch - English.
Jacques Brel - La chanson des vieux amants
The song La chanson des vieux amants in four languages.
Language: French - Dutch - German - Tjech.
Olga: Jacques Brel
Tablatures of songs of Brel.
Jacques Brelop de Marquisen
About the film with the same name with WALTER ERTVELT & HERWIG DE WEERDT.
Language: Dutch

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