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Cristi Mujdei  schreef :
Proficiat! Hebben jullie de woorden van De Burgerij?
Bill Young wrote on Tue Feb 27 19:20:10 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) 2001:
Thank you for this website. It is great and very informative.
Bob Wilson  ( wrote on Tue Feb 27 16:08:43 CST 2001:
I am sorry you are going to quit your web site. I would write this in french, but it would just take too much hunting and pecking with the dictionary on my lap.
James Mercer  wrote on Tue Feb 27 11:45:06 GMT+0000 (GMT Standard Time) 2001:
Thanks for a very enlightening site. I am a "new" fan of Brel and you have managed to answer many questions I had about him. Thankyou.
kris van der Merwe  wrote on Tue Feb 27 09:33:01 GMT+1300 (New Zealand Daylight Time) 2001:
baz  wrote on Mon Feb 26 18:50:50 UTC 2001:
great site - hang on in there i have spent years trying to get hold of a copy of the film of "JACQUE BREL IS ALIVE AND WELL AND LIVING IN PARIS" can you help? ps the man was a genius
Bernard  ( schreef :
Vraiement épatant, ce site !!! Riche contenu et trouvailles techniques étonnantes. Si vous voulez écouter des extraits sonores d'interviews de Jacques Brel, je vous invite à visiter mon site.
T  wrote on Mon Feb 26 17:03:38 UTC+0100 2001:
thanks I have been looking for the text to ne me quitte pas
Yolanda Glasbergen  () schreef :
intressante site met veel informatie en links naar andere leuke sites.
Myriam Magillissen  schreef :
eindelijk gevonden, en moet het nu echt weg ? Ne ne me quitte pas, car ces gens la, :onsieur, Quand on n a aue l amour, Merci pour le reve
Rob Bosch  () schreef :
Laat deze site niet verloren gaan.
marie  () wrote on Sun Feb 25 21:49:39 UTC+0100 2001:
bravo de continuer son oeuvre il le mérite bien
Molly Putnam  () wrote on Sat Feb 24 18:14:42 GMT-0500 2001:
Thanks for your site. Brel's two most popular songs, "Ne Me Quittes Pas" and "Amsterdam", are also my favorites!
Lois Stern  () wrote on Sat Feb 24 14:19:01 EST 2001:
I hope you're able to keep this site going. I just found it. Lois
Lois Stern  () wrote on Sat Feb 24 14:18:51 EST 2001:
I hope you're able to keep this site going. I just found it. Lois
msuisei  ( wrote on Sat Feb 24 17:19:33 UTC+0900 2001:
Hello Bert and everyone! Your web site is great. I'm a Japanese and Jacques Brel is one of my most favorite singers in the world. Others are Vladimir Vysotzky, Amalia Rodrigues, Billie Holiday, Jimmy Scott, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Beatles, Tom Waits and so on. Is it really this site will be closed soon? It's sad!
R Rodier  () wrote on Fri Feb 23 20:18:38 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time) 2001:
Your last name cought my eye...
sara  () wrote on Fri Feb 23 15:45:54 UTC+0100 2001:
it's a great site. too bad you have to close it..I wish I could help but unfortunately I know nothing about webdesign and stuff like that.
Gisele  () wrote on Thu Feb 22 13:21:52 EST 2001:
Very informative, I would hate to see it disappear.
Duane E. Hoisington  () wrote on Thu Feb 22 12:56:29 CST 2001:
I was in Brussels in early January 2001 and bought a video of Jacques Brel. Upon viewing the tape, I could not help but admire this man. He was truly gifted. It is indeed sad that he was taken from this world prematurely. I know that he is missed. Thank you for preserving his memory.
Marie  () wrote on Wed Feb 21 14:54:55 UTC+0200 2001:
Thank you to remind us this wonderful man!
gomes cedic  () wrote on Wed Feb 21 11:53:35 UTC+0100 2001:
Sorry, but my english is very bad: Très bon site
wie kan mij helpen, waar kan ik de box kopen met de 10 CD's van Brel
gerrit van dijk  () schreef :
1. fernand 2. voir un ami pleurer 3. de burgerij
Bradden Dunau Burns  () wrote on Sat Feb 17 15:47:36 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) 2001:
What an extraordinary effort you have made! Pour la tendresse, comme ca!
m.winkens-pijpers  () schreef :
Eindelijk een duidelijke pagina over de grote Brel. Dank je .Ik heb genoten van de tekst!!!!!
Simone  ( wrote on Thu Feb 15 17:32:21 PST 2001:
I found you while searching for the English version of Ne De Quittes Pas. Your site is obviously well-maintained and very informative. Thank you.
giangian  () wrote on Thu Feb 15 09:42:33 UTC+0100 2001:
one of the best song writers I know!
John Hybert  () wrote on Wed Feb 14 15:37:42 UTC 2001:
Loved the site. Very nicely done and very informative. I'm sorry to read you are having difficulty maintaining it. I enjoyed it very much indeed.
Ueli Heubi  () wrote on Sun Feb 11 12:51:45 UTC+0100 2001:
We attended a concert from Eric Richard, a french interpret of Jaques Brel. Fantastic, his voice his gestures, his mimics of late Brel. And his engagemnts in all the songs from Brel. He brought us back into the sixties, when Brel was in Swiss radios to hear or to see on stage. Ueli
Sue Puntis  () wrote on Sun Feb 11 01:00:32 UTC 2001:
I am English. I have been listening to Brel since the 60s when I first heard Scott Walker sing many of his songs.
Veronica  () wrote on Sat Feb 10 21:42:49 UTC+0100 2001:
Thank you, Bert, for this site about a great actor and singer.
John Costello  () wrote on Sat Feb 10 19:03:12 UTC 2001:
Living in Dublin, Ireland. Very impressed by Brel's Alive and Well songs. Seeking a cd of those songs.
Mark C  () wrote on Sat Feb 10 12:33:52 EST 2001:
Hi Bert Lovely site and you are a real fan. I see you have to close, perhaps you'll reopen sometime, I hope so.
Perry Phillips  () schreef :
Hi - more power to your elbow!
Jack van den Broek  () schreef :
Onbegrijpelijk dat ik Jacques Brel zijn prachtige,aangrijpende muziek nu pas heb leren kennen ,maar ik kan er nu gelukkig nog van genieten!!!
willie fritz  () schreef :
Baie dankie uit Suid-Afrika vir die wonderlike werk wat jy doen om die gedagtenis van een van die wereld se belangrikste kunstenaars lewendig te hou.
Nick Cusack  () wrote on Tue Feb 6 17:48:55 UTC 2001:
Please don't close it - I've just discovered Brel - take a rest by all means but leave the site for posterity.
Edo  () schreef :
Spijtig dat ik geen hout begrijp van programmeren. Had best willen helpen. Leuke site.
jacques kltrs  () schreef :
wie heeft er behalve van altena brel vertaald?
Zach Haines  () wrote on Mon Feb 5 00:58:48 CST 2001:
Great Site
MONIQUE SNELL  () wrote on Sun Feb 4 15:50:54 PST 2001:
Kathy De Spiegeleer  () schreef :
Hele mooie, verzorgde site, en inderdaad er zijn veel sites met teksten van Jacques Brel, maar ik kan jammer genoeg nergens de vertaling vinden van 'le plat pays', of beter 'Mijn Vlaanderen Land"...
marleen  () schreef :
Jammer dat je ermee stopt.
Paula Oszlovits  () schreef :
Great site! Thanks a lot, Bert. Greetings from Down Under.
Zena Diamandis  () wrote on Thu Feb 1 19:55:02 UTC 2001:
Great site. Love Brel. Please don't give up the good work. I am from England.
Lindsay Vincent  () wrote on Wed Jan 31 23:01:36 UTC 2001:
Thank you, Bert.
Henquet Philippe  () schreef :
De video-opname van "Brel à Knokke" is voor mij de absolute top en schetst een magnifiek beeld van de uitzonderlijke en opmerkelijke man die hij was tijdens zijn leven en nog is in de herinnering van velen. Henquet P. (19j.)
massimo conforti  () wrote on Mon Jan 29 17:38:37 GMT+0100 (ora solare Europa occ.) 2001:
A poet. We cannot forget him.
joost  () schreef :
Janos Koolen  () wrote on Sun Jan 28 00:46:57 UTC+0100 1996:
Great site! I was looking for translations of the songs of Brel. I'm going to play some of them. This site was a great help.
Piet Rijkers  ( schreef :
Ik dank u zeer voor de teksten. P
cass  () schreef :
great site
Tony Engels  () schreef :
le coeur a des raisons que la raison ne comprend pas
c.a. al  (geen) schreef :
jacques brel n'est pas mort, il vive!
Michel Gingras  ( wrote on Thu Jan 25 21:59:32 UTC-0400 2001:
Would it be possible to create a website with the looks and feel of a tv channel and dedicate it to Brel. All songs used only by permission. All footage also.
Fiona Fagan  () wrote on Tue Jan 23 19:03:49 GMT+0100 2001:
Hi I'm an Erasmus student in Namur in Belgium and have chosen the subject of Jacques Brels influence today for my thesis. Therefore, I'm eager to find ou as much information as possible!
Jmcginn  () wrote on Mon Jan 22 13:48:57 2001:
Interesting and informative site. Thanks for your hard work which simplified mine.
Graeme Scott-Smith  () wrote on Mon Jan 22 14:12:46 UTC+1100 2001:
Do you know where I can find an English translation of Ces gens-là?
Pablo Gabriel Justo Roda  () wrote on Sun Jan 21 01:06:24 UTC+0100 2001:
Carlos Solsona  () wrote on Sat Jan 20 13:53:49 UTC+0100 2001:
50 years old, now I may appreciate all the Brel's work. As Spanish, it was difficult when I was twenty.
john colligan  () wrote on Sat Jan 20 11:34:44 UTC 2001:
dank u wel
Hans Werker  () schreef :
Ik vind dit een duidelijke en verhelderende sirte van een van mijn favoriten.
Bas Dekkers  () schreef :
Met de gedachten aan de grootste chansonnier aller tijden Groetjes, Bas
Peter Mennen  () schreef :
Bedankt vooral voor de complete discografie waar de fondation nog wat van kan leren.. Groetjes Peter
nostradamus  () schreef :
jacques brel is goed, hoe oud je ook bent

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