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Louis Cox  () schreef :
Hallo, Ik zoek de vertalingen van Brels chansons door Ernst van Altena. Kun je me helpen? Bij voorbaat dank. Louis
Jaroslav Metlicky  (none) wrote on Wed Apr 18 14:43:17 UTC+0200 2001:
Thanks, it´s good to know that there are people like you in the world.
Eli  () wrote on Mon Apr 16 23:33:45 EDT 2001:
Tom Achterberg  () schreef :
Leuke site, fijn dat er nog steeds echte Brel liefhebbers zijn. Jammer dat je geen songteksten hebt, ik zoek namelijk de tekst van "Marieke".
Rebecca Buckeridge  (?) wrote on Mon Apr 16 15:44:45 UTC+1200 2001:
hi i come from new zealand and was just looking aroung for some info. on Brel. I'm a french major and am submitting a 2000 word essay on cultural/social/personal effects of his music.
Grunspan  () wrote on Sun Apr 15 22:55:27 UTC+0400 2001:
You're making a fine contribution to Jacque Brel's extraordinary talent!!!
Dario Palladino  ( schreef :
My best wishes to find the way to keep this wonderful site open and available to all Brel's fans, all over the world. Happy Easter Dario Palladino
rafq  () schreef :
Looks ok.
Steve Garbas  () wrote on Fri Apr 13 14:54:31 EDT 2001:
I'm a 20 year old university student in Toronto. I heard about Brel through the covers of his songs done by David Bowie. What would be a good english LP to purchase?
aad schouten  (-) schreef :
heerlijk zoveel Brel te vinden. Waar kan ik ned vertalingen vinden (behalve de bekende van Van Altena?
Sabrina van Diemen  () schreef :
Ik vind dit een kut pagina
Erwin Meier  () wrote on Wed Apr 11 12:09:45 UTC+0200 2001:
My compliments for your work in favour of the memory for Jacques Brel
Monique van de Linde  () schreef :
Leuke site, alleen klein ideetje. Zou leuk zijn als de songteksten met hun vertalingen te vinden waren. Groetjes
zach burl  () wrote on Sun Apr 8 01:25:50 MST 2001:
je ne parle pas, (can you tell), but i love the tragety and humor of brel's music, its like no other
PETE!  () wrote on Sat Apr 07 19:23:48 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) 2001:
Sven  schreef :
Sebastiaan Hol  ( ) schreef :
Als bewonderaar van jacques Brel kwam ik uiteraard op jouw site terecht. Mooi vormgegeven en informatief. Ik ben ook fan van Cornelis Vreeswijk. Kijk eens op de website van Cornelis. Hij heeft destijds een heel mooi lied geschreven, opgedragen aan Brel: "Blues for Jacques Brel" (in het Zweeds).
Marian Petre  wrote on Fri Apr 6 10:53:47 UTC+0300 2001:
Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You !
Susanne Leitner   wrote on Wed Apr 04 22:00:00 GMT+0200 ((MEZ) - Mitteleurop. Sommerzeit) 2001:
I found this site in google when I was in need of information on Brel for school. It's really well done but you need so much time to view it all! Thanks for all the information! Susanne
Terhi  wrote on Wed Apr 4 09:53:38 UTC+0300 2001:
Hi! I have heard a song in finnish that is called.. hmm.. funeral tango.. a person singing from the grave.. or in his funeral.. what is it called in france?
Tony O'Nions  wrote on Tue Apr 3 20:54:29 UTC+0100 2001:
Very good site Lots of Brel info Thanks
Ruud IJzerdraat  schreef :
Verassend, zoveel over Brel. Later meer. Groeten, Ruud
André  schreef :
Wat een schitterende pagina's. Zowel die over nescio als die over Brel. Groetjes André
Frans Lucas  ( schreef :
Ik was al heel lang op zoek naar de tekst van het liedje Rosa. Ik ben erg blij deze bij u te hebben kunnen vinden. Prachtig en hartelijk dank!!!
Elsa Sarmiento  wrote on Mon Mar 26 14:56:36 PST 2001:
Thank you for providing such valuable information about Jacques Brel. Elsa
marco van der els  schreef :
brel leeft!!!
elke  schreef :
ik vind het zeer origineel gevonden, met die liedjes
Michael  wrote on Fri Mar 23 13:58:39 EST 2001:
I am an actor, and I have been asked to play Brel in a production of Alive and Well. . .Doing some preliminary research. Thank You
Klen Teder  wrote on Fri Mar 23 11:44:46 UTC+0200 2001:
Keep up the good work! The fans of Brel appreciate it!
Brendan Kelly wrote on Tue Mar 20 17:29:25 CST 2001:
On Friday March 23rd, 2001 I will be singing a few of the songs of Mr. Brel as part of a benefit for the Chicago branch of Little Brothers: Friends of the Elderly. I visited your site to learn a little more about the life of Jaques Brel to illuminate both me and my audience. I was very interested to learn of his work with Franche Cordee. Thanks.
Amir Amozig wrote on Mon Mar 19 20:28:40 PST 2001:
Keep up the excellent work. Seeing the internet defiled by so many revolting websites, it's a pleasure & a breath of fresh air to come across your website-a work of art. We are waiting anxiously for more English information on your website.
Jeffrey Easter wrote on Mon Mar 19 00:57:37 CST 2001:
I dig Jacques!
PATRICK wrote on Sun Mar 18 21:09:51 EST 2001:
Dont let go
sara crippa  wrote on Mon Mar 19 16:36:46 UTC-0300 2001:
Jacques Brel es lo más
Kevin Watson  ( wrote on Sat Mar 17 15:02:16 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) 2001:
Thanks for all the resources, I rmember listening to Brel many years ago, just picked up a couple of CD's and to do some research about this wonderful artist.
Jean-Luc Dancy  ( wrote on Sat Mar 17 17:43:29 UTC+0100 2001:
Hi ! I am a dedicated Jacques Brel fan living in Germany. I first discovered his music when I was sixteen years of age, started collecting his records and learning his songs. I was fortunate enough to see the great man on stage on two occasions, back in the nineteen-sixties: an unforgettable experience ! I am myself a performing singer -guitarist, write my own songs and perform live in Berlin from time to time. I am very happy to sign your guest-book... Best regards Jean-Luc Dancy
Dick   schreef :
Marjan J.S. Buijse  schreef :
Bedankt, ik was op zoek naar de tekst van mijn lievelingsliedje en heb die met hulp van deze prachtige site gevonden! (voir un ami pleurer)
Lanciai Paolo  wrote on Sat Mar 17 10:36:51 UTC+0100 2001:
wonderful site.
vaneyle  schreef :
Van Meckeren Julie  schreef :
Hallo, Ik was op zoek naar teksten van Brel.Spijtig genoeg heb ik die hier niet gevonden maar desondanks was het toch een leuke site groeten,Julie
warren heine  wrote on Fri Mar 16 08:58:00 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) 2001:
quel nationalite etes-vous? je suis americain et j'aime bien la musique de Brel. J'ai encore la plupart des ses discs originals. Mais, la diversite de mes gouts musicales ..... (o.k. now in English) .. . prevents me from listening and recording his great songs as I used to. Dites-moi, s'il vous plait, monsieur, pourquoi vous aimez la musique (oui, je sais aussi que les chansons sont poemes) de Jacques Brel! Amicalement, Warren Library of Congress Washington, D.C. 16. mars 2001
Peter  wrote on Wed Mar 14 22:56:21 EST 2001:
Dimitri A. Timofeev  wrote on Tue Mar 13 17:17:32 UTC+0300 2001:
Thanks for this site. It is very nice! I've never seen full Brel filmographie before, so it was very interesting to learn more about him.
annet robben  schreef :
jacques brel is helemaal geweldig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!
Dick de Bruijn  schreef :
Mooie site! Jammer dat er geen teksten op staan.. Succes!
Prof. Rogelio L. Juliano Jr.   wrote on Fri Mar 09 18:07:50 GMT+0800 (China Standard Time) 2001:
Hello! I am planning to do a production of "Jacques Brel is Alive and Well..." in the University of the Philippines. Your website is a great help in understanding and seeing the world of Brel, Thank you very much!
Sonia Ciurana Martinez  wrote on Wed Mar 7 19:22:15 UTC+0800 2001:
I'm Sňnia, from Barcelona, and I've recently fell in love with J.Brel songs, which I've listened because of my Belgian boyfriend. When I was at secundary school I knew by heart "Ne me quitte pas" and now I know the rest of the lyrics. I'm learnig Dutch, so I start to understand some of the Flamish ones. I have to thank you for the fantastic websyte you've shown to everybody, so we can know about this great Belgian singer. I would like you to give me some information about special events in Brussels (and in Barcelona?) about him. Thank you very much.
Gregor van der Beek  wrote on Tue Mar 6 08:36:53 CST 2001:
I live in the USA and search for a songbook (Notes) of Brel, and can nThanks for this siteot find it here.
Eleanor Brown  wrote on Sat Mar 3 17:37:56 PST 2001:
This site well done. It's a wonderful tribute to Jacques, who will live forever in our hearts
pieter van merrienboer  schreef :
goede side; gefeliciteerd. pieter
Miquel Ŕngel Frau Molina wrote on Sat Mar 3 17:46:07 UTC+0100 2001:
My admiration to the personality of Jacques Brel and no less for the strength of his lyrics. If I would choose to come back to Earth I´d like to be Jacques Brel. My gratitude to the author of this Web. I enjoied a lot. Thanks.

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