K&B Literary Open Stage Afl. 144, Towards 12 ˝ years of literary activities

On Sunday 3 June 2007, the poets and writers at K&B will again hold their Literary Open Podium. The accessible stage is visited by poets, writers, short story writers, other word artists and their audience. Free access. We ask the participants to nominate at least one poem about Eindhoven.

In addition to the open stage, we also pay attention to the writer Jan Hendrik Frederik Grönloh (1882-1961), known as NESCIO. Nescio mainly wrote stories. His debut took place in 1911, but strangely enough his work did not become known until the 1930s. He is now regarded as the most influential author of Dutch literary history.

He was a source of inspiration for writers such as Willem Hendrik Hermans, Gerard Reve and Frederik van Eeden. Sensitivity and ordinary choice of words were the most important characteristics of his writing style. Robert Tau is going to talk specifically about his time in Eindhoven this afternoon; a Period in the life of Nescio where little has been written about.


Writer of recognizable words.
Gilded with unreachable thoughts
that only flourished
where idealists
bore their challenging tragedy.

Words that touched enthusiastic people.

Protected them against unwillingness and sour laughings.
Forward-looking words found forging with jobs patience that dazzled
the dark with them.