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Northern Light

Something which describes the things of beauty which can give you the glimpse of the image that he saw.

Boven Het

A collection of stories which was inspired from the events of the lice of the poet allowing one to learn and grow.

Amsterdam Stories

We can make sure that you have the right collection of short stores which will take you back to the old Amsterdam.


“….The poem and the short stories has given me a lot of perspectives which I would have taught to be not right…”

– John C. Vang

Our Bibliography

1911 (January) De uitvreter 

The story of a man who is trying to discover himself in the land which is unknown.

1915 (June) Titaantjes

A work of art which is deeply appreciated by the critics.

Work By Nescio !

1976 (December)

Si Benalu

[De uitvreter]


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What are the travel tips you must remember?

What are the travel tips you must remember?

Traveling around the world is a dream of every person, and you need a perfect trip to be happening for you because any imperfect thing ruins your mood or may cost you more. Well, traveling for the first time and confused about what to do and what not like what you should carry with yourself in holidays and what all you must do over there in Ask Venue. Like the vacation must be remembered and the worthy, the trip comes ones a time, so you don’t miss any of the things to carry or do while traveling whether it’s a road trip, travel to foreign or somewhere around India.

What you should do when you travel?

Sometimes excitement level goes beyond and you miss things and later you regret before going on a trip you should mark some of the travel tips like the things you have to carry with you, sort of budget, well-researched about the place you are heading to as which all place you have to head, what all you have to eat, and where you will get the best shopping material and much more. There are lots of things, which includes –

  • The very first thing you keep in mind the place you are traveling is worth going to that particular season or not according to that you must book the tickets.
  • The place you are heading check all the famous places around the corner you should not miss and make a note the same for that.
  • The most important you ever miss else you will regret a lot; do not miss to try the local food of that place or the famous cuisine you must try at that place. From street food to the best café and restaurants you not miss.
  • You must keep all your important documents like passport, personal ids, and photograph and other important cards.
  • You must book the accommodation of that place, like the holiday must start in a good hotel, as you have to flaunt your hotel and room on your social media stories.
  • Pack your luggage according to the days you are going to spend on your vacations like your clothes to the toiletries, shoes to makeup and other accessories. Try to take fewer items of luggage with yourself, so that you can shop a lot on your vacations and can bring big bags easily home.
  • Try every single thing of the place you are traveling, like you are not visiting that place again and must head to a new place for the next time you go on a vacation.
  • Take a side bag with yourself and keep the important stuff in that like phone, power banks, cash and card and some other stuff you required.
  • Do not forget to take your earphones and headphones and a series of movies for the time you will spend on a train or airplane.
  • Do not forget to shoot pictures and videos while traveling, as you will keep the memories in photographs only and flaunting the happiness of vacations on social media like Instagram.

The above-listed are some of the important tips that you must remember while traveling. Your vacation will be worth remembering.

The World’s Most Romantic Destinations

The World’s Most Romantic Destinations

A romantic destination is one which keeps two individuals together for a long time. The place does so by introducing the couple to certain things that help them make the most mini baccarat สล็อต out of the moment. Not all places in the world can qualify for the same since each place has something different live casino holdem สล็อต to offer. Be it a honeymoon or just sightseeing; a couple requires the right ingredients to make the trip worthwhile. So, to help you love birds out in this venture, here are some romantic 96ace destinations from all around the world.

Paris, France

There are a lot of reasons why you need to visit Paris with your better half. The place sparkles with culture, elegance and a lot more that help you seize the moments. Be it the nightlife or other things; you will find many couples holding hands and walking like one in this beautiful place. In terms of reviews, Paris is still being voted as the number one destination for you to spend your honeymoon.

Venice, Italy

Through food, music and culture, Venice steals the show when it comes to being romantic. There is a lot to explore for couples in this place, and you should never miss out on the same. It reeks of the right feeling at all times and helps you guys have the right kind of conversations. Regardless of the time, this place offers the right ingredients, and everything falls in line.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini does not make much of an appearance in mainstream media, as it remains to be a hidden gem. With all the right colours, this place can be the perfect spot for you to declare your unconditional love to one another. The streets, buildings and all other features help you idealise the place, remembering it for the right reasons. So, if Paris does not fit the bill, then try Santorini in Greece.

Maui, Hawaii, USA

One look at the scenery and you will fall in love with this place. You can go for a walk on the beach or enjoy the cool breeze, as you sit the most important person of your life. Maui, Hawaii in the USA helps you give all the right moments, and that will be a fact that you are going to cherish.

Bruges, Belgium

Burges is another romantic spot that has made it to every list for a couple of reasons. The place is not overcrowded and has a lot to offer in terms of culture and venues. Walking through these empty streets will help you value every single moment, as things move towards the best. Hence, when you sum up these names, you are left with the right kind of romantic destinations.

Online Casino Games

Online Casino Games

The casino world has its wings stretched far and wide to bring most of the world under its shade. Then, came the world of virtual reality. However, the digital world proved to be no limit for the engulfing fun world of casino. The glittery world of casino also conquered the online world and enabled the players to enjoy the casino games within their hands reach คา สิ โน สด.

The Physical and the Virtual

The traditional casino players would certainly not compromise on their thrill of a real-world casino. They certainly cannot curb their love for their bets, the sound of metal coins clattering out on the slots tray, throwing dice on the table and betting real high in games like Baccarat and Blackjack. But, in the online world, none of these has been compromised. The players enjoy all of these virtually.

The Variety of Online Casino Games

Online casino games are as diverse as the people who play them. There are multiple games for the players to choose from the online casino world. There is an excellent chance for the player to be overwhelmed seeing the variety of the casino games on the online portals.


With the plethora of online casino games, slots are the most popular ones. In the traditional casino, slots were only three reeled. However, in an online casino, it has upgraded and provides options of three-reeled, five-reeled and several other multiple-reeled slots. There are also the progressive jackpot slot games available online.


In the case of Blackjack, it is one of the most loved online games. This game involves strategies like hitting, splitting, standing and doubling. These have, of course not been missed in the online world of casino. When it comes to Roulette, the online portals provide two variants to play this game, namely, European Roulette and its American half-brother.


The online video poker is the new trend online casino game. It is based on 5-card draw poker. This game is not as simple as slots because it meshes both slots and the casino classic poker. This game is the most favored in the online casino world.


At a traditional casino, one might find a high roller crowded table, which ideally symbolizes the Baccarat table. In the online world, it would be little different, as it is not reserved exclusively for players with large bankrolls, but also those with smaller bankrolls. In the current trend, online Baccarat is considered much more fun in the real world Baccarat.


If you are yearning to have fun after a long stressful day, or you have got animated dollar signs in your eyes, online casinos are the best platform for you to relax and gamble. We hope you enjoy the thrill of the casino ไทย คา สิ โน ออนไลน์ through the virtual doors of the online casino world.

Psychology tricks in a Casino

Psychology tricks in a Casino

The casino is a world of fancies. Once entered a casino, the senses are captivated by the filmy atmosphere charged with lights, sound, food and drinks. It keeps us engaged and cozy SBOBET คือใคร. With these elements that keep our senses busy, multiple factors keep the gamblers stuck at the casino.

The subtle Psychological Aids in a Casino

A gambler in a casino almost finds it impossible to step back and be devoid of what is happening around him. There are undoubtedly particular reasons for them. The atmosphere at a casino is cold to the idea of time. Any time of a day seems the same at a casino. So, the player never feels the urge to leave.

Bright Carpets

The casinos usually have bright and fancy colored carpets all over. These carpets are placed for a reason. This idea falls back to psychology. These bright colors and intricate designs help the players to be alert, happy and encourage them to play for a longer time without becoming sullen.

Lights and Music

Casinos are usually the conglomeration of light, music and color. This combination added with the noises made of the slot machines, rumbling of the coins on the Roulette tables lifts the mood of the gamblers and make them feel excited. This light, music and color help to attract people and them lively.


Usually, casinos are designed in a way that anytime someone wants a break and move out; they fail to do so. It is because the resting area is usually set deep in the building. So, once they want to leave after the break, they set eyes upon more exciting games and tend to stay back.

Ticket System

Casinos generally do gambling with liquid cash. Once the money is fed into a slot, the money becomes digitalized. This process is done so that the player becomes less cautious of the amount spend. After the game, when the player demands the money left out of his game, it comes in the form of ticket promoting the player to play further.

Sense of Control

Few games in the casino like Craps, Blackjack and other card games provide a sense of control. This sense of control webs an illusion to think that the probability of winning the game is under their control.


Attention is the next key. Usually, when someone hits the jackpot, a lot of attention is pooled on the winner, the bells ring, the whistles blow, lights flash, and the staff show up. This sort of attention is usually craved upon, and the players continue their game, hoping to have their chance of a jackpot.

To Wrap Up!

Thus, there are various subtle psychological tricks hidden behind the glamorous world of SBOBET คือใคร casinos. A person aware of these tricks can undoubtedly win over the situation as well as the game.

Online Casino vs Land-Based Casino

Online Casino vs Land-Based Casino

Casinos have made their way into every culture, and it is one of the most fun things an adult can do. There are two types of online casino malaysia that people play at the online casino and the land-based casinos. In this article, we are going to be discussing the pros and cons of both the casinos.

Game Selections

There are over hundreds of games which can allow you to make the right choice. There are many progressive slots as well, which can help you win millions in jackpots. There are also many classic games like blackjacks, roulette, poker and scratch games and many more. There are many games which give a modern twist to the classic games making them more attracting and exciting. You will also be familiar with the games you are playing. In a land-based casino, it is very hard to find the game that you might actually be interested in. Also, you will have to understand the rules to the casino before you start playing. This makes the game more difficult to use.


Online casinos provide you with more convenience as you do not have to spend on transportation and accommodation. This can help save you money and also saves you a lot of time. When it comes to a land-based casino, you will have to make sure of the proximity and might have to spend on transportation as well as making sure that the casino has the capacity to accommodate you.

Betting limits

Betting on a land-based casino might seem a bit high, and when you are playing online, you set the limit. Also, there are many online games out there who will give you the experience even without you having to spend some money. This is because online casinos operate caters to every type of player. This is to make sure that you can find the right betting limit, which can be high enough for experienced players.

Various payment options

An online casino offers you a lot of payment options which can be easy to access. You can use a debit card, credit card, Paypal or bank transfers. Transaction online is faster and safe, which can help you start playing you favourite games in no time. Land-based casinos are some of the worst when it comes to paying. You can easily spend a lot of time trying to make sure to find the right cashier when it comes to withdrawing your cash. When it comes to payment options, land-based casinos pose no threat to your personal details, but one can never be sure of the right transaction that you take place online as these sites can be fake.



Things to do in Egypt

Things to do in Egypt

One cannot call themselves as a traveller if they haven’t been to Egypt. The land that is covered by desert has a lot to offer, and you will be making a mistake if you are not planning on exploring. Regardless of the climate, you can be assured of fun, since this land is here to cheer you up. But one might also wonder about the different activities that they can do in this place. So, if you are one of them, then here are some things that you can do in Egypt.

Animal Care, Luxor

As humans, we have spent a lot of our time trying to forget about animals, as we have hurt them through different ways. So, heading out in support is the best way to move forward and what better place than Animal Care in Luxor to start with. The place has all the right ingredients to take care of animals to ensure that they have not been forgotten.

Egyptian Museums

If the history of Egypt is an unexplored territory, then you need to start correcting that part of yourself. There are many museums in this land that provide you with knowledge about things that you might not have been aware of. Some of these museums also have the biggest collection of artefacts that have been recovered through different situations. So, to get a hold of ancient history, begin right by beginning here.


Hurghada offers some memorable features that will help you Scuba Dive and make the most out of everything. The stunning landscape is here, and you need to start exploring it with the right dose of adventure. Once you are underwater, you will witness some unique coral reefs and crystal clear waters. This moulds into the right experience that you will cherish for a lifetime. There might not be another place, where you tend to experience the same feeling, so step out and visit Hurghada. If Scuba Diving does not fill your appetite, then you can also visit some aquariums that are part of the region.

Corniche, Alexandria

Your vacation might not be complete if you fail to visit Corniche or the coastal city. You can go for a leisure walk and enjoy some moments that tend to be part of your life. Extraordinary views and scenarios are part of the place, and you can step out whenever you want. The nightlife is comforting as people treat you like they have known for a long time. By moving around, you will also get a glimpse of the Mediterranean Sea, as these visuals are iconic. Hence, if you are looking to explore the world, then better start with Egypt, and you will never regret it.

Things to Do in Switzerland

Things to Do in Switzerland

The best part of your European tour has to be Switzerland since there are plenty of activities for you to do in this place. The romantic country has all the right ingredients to take your holiday and turn it into an event that you will always remember. Some of the things in this place are unique, as you will never find them to be elsewhere. So, if you were having second thoughts about spending your holiday in Switzerland, then keep reading to erase such thoughts.

Rhine Falls Boating

For those who have been to such activities before, will find the right kind of adrenaline rush through Rhine Falls Boating. The rest will find it to be an interesting experience that you will always remember. Rhine Falls is one of the most attractive places in Switzerland that attracts nature lovers from all corners of the world. Once you opt for boating through these falls, you will be exposed to some scenic beauty that might take your breath away.

Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding is one of the most exciting activities that you will find across Switzerland. The activity is easy to learn and understand, making it ideal for beginners. Lake Geneva is the perfect place for Paddle Boarding, and the adventure will lift your spirits to an all-time high.

Sky Dining

You must visit Zurich if you are planning on having dinner in style. Regardless of the people, you are with, having dinner in this manner is a cool thing. These rooftops make every moment count, and it all depends on the type of people you are having dinner with. So, start opening your eyes for a spectacular evening and visuals.

Chillon Castle

If you are someone who is interested in history, then you should never miss out on visiting the Chillon Castle. It is located on the banks of Lake Geneva and has all the right ingredients for your exploration. The beauty and structure of the whole place can be termed as two of the main reasons why around 350,000 people visit this castle every year.


Swiss Chocolates

We are aware of the fact that you don’t require a reason when you hear the word chocolates, but to enhance the desire even further, here are a few. These milk chocolates are exclusive, and you will never find it elsewhere. Hence, go and taste some delicious chocolates.

Bernina Express Ride

Going on a train ride all across the place might not sound like the best idea, but once you experience the same, you may very well call it the best idea. By taking the Bernina Express Ride, you are exposed to some iconic visuals that open your eyes to the beauty of nature.



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